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About Lmska
We keep up with the needs of the market

LMSka is a universal learning tool

Full set of features for creating a course - different types of lessons and materials: documents, links, video broadcasts

Quick start for student registration and course sales

A cloud solution that allows you to work from any device and browser

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From individual use to schools

What is our platform used for now?

Тренинги, курсы

Trainings, courses

Training for adults and children. Thematic and narrowly focused courses. Personal growth, master classes, marathons

Corporate training

Corporate training

Training of employees at employment. Staff training in new methods and areas of activity

Certification of employees

Certification of employees

Reference and test materials for staff, regular exams with the issuance of certificates of professional development

All Levels
Блогеры и инфлюенсеры

Bloggers and influencers

Individual consultations, motivational trainings, exclusive master classes and lessons

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance learning for schoolchildren and students. With different types of tasks and different teachers



Materials for different groups of students, departments of employees with differentiated access or involvement of teachers


Our capabilities are constantly updated with new features

  • Creating and filling courses, both paid and for employees
  • Save all previous registrations, change statuses, export and other actions
  • Student database, student rooms, certificates, alumni database
  • Registration of students from the landing page with the possibility of online payment
  • Newsletters and messages, personal chats with students in the office
Complete CRM system
  • A full-fledged landing page for your course announcements
  • Free website builder with extensive functionality
  • Customizable blocks, themes, and content
  • Registering potential students and accepting payments right on the website
  • Analytics and SEO settings for the landing page
Site constructor
  • Flexible registration form customization with various integration options
  • Ability to create different fields or different forms for different
  • Online payment for the course immediately on the website after registration
  • Transfer funds directly to your payment details. 10 payment gateways and different currencies
  • Acquire commission only
Registration and payment
  • Text lessons, images, videos, file downloads of any format for self-study
  • Online broadcasts from video hosting
  • Online testing and stop-lessons for knowledge control
  • Open access demo lesson right on the landing page to increase course sales
  • Manage the timing of access to the lesson depending on the dates, tariff, etc.
Lesson designer
  • Stop-lesson with home assignments to test knowledge and monitor students' progress through the course
  • Regular assignments in the form of detailed answers or adding students' projects
  • Testing with automatic scoring for correct answers
  • Video homework, with webcam recording and test question key for verification
  • Manage task attempts and deadlines
  • Access and role management (co-organizer, lecturer, etc.)
  • Distribution of users by groups
  • Flexible access and destination management
  • Separate classrooms for course owner, co-organizer, teachers, etc.
  • Manage deadlines and access deadlines
Access control
  • A chatbot for the course overnighter, for notifications about all new registrations, payments, failed payments, etc.
  • Notifications about students' actions in lessons and the course, a new question from a student, or new comments on a lesson
  • Student chatbot for notifications about new messages, a response to a comment, checked assignments, or a new lesson
  • Ability to connect co-organizers or lecturers to the chatbot
  • Flexible settings for chatbot notifications depending on the user's role
Chat bot
  • Chats for personal communication between students and lecturers or between students and course authors right in the classrooms
  • Notification of new messages that require a response from the chatbot
  • Automation of push newsletters for all course registrants with convenient filters
  • Triggered email campaigns for potential students according to your pre-configured scenarios
  • Email and SMS capabilities, audience segmentation, and minutes
Newsletters and chats
  • Landing page builder for registration
  • Branding of broadcasts
  • Формування сертифікатів за макетом організатора
  • Вітрина подарунків та сувенірів
  • Зручний інтерфейс, гейміфікація, white label
  • Well-designed score management system
  • Individual and group reports
  • Summary table of student performance
  • Export summary data to a file
  • General statistics of registrations and sales
  • Automatic registration of potential students and online payment. Saving registrations and changing order statuses
  • Automation of all online processes related to order processing for all users interested in the course
  • Maximum flexibility of settings for courses, lessons, tariff types, certificates, etc.
  • Possibility to set up automatic course completion by the student, instead of manual knowledge testing
  • Automatic notifications in the classroom about all student activities and duplication of notifications to the chatbot for convenience
  • Cloud platform
  • Access to any device and browser
  • Open API for integration with third-party CRM
  • Finalization of functionality on request
  • Transfer learning from other platforms

LMSka is an ideal solution for onboarding

Create an electronic knowledge base of the company once and automate all processes of recruitment, training of new employees and retraining of existing staff

  • Recruit staff through single test tasks
  • Prepare materials for the adaptation of newcomers and quick entry into office
  • Introduce all new employees to the goals, mission and rules of teamwork
  • Pay attention to the development and training of employees
  • Conduct distance learning for staff when needed and convenient
  • Regularly check the knowledge and skills of employees - re-certify staff
  • Prepare specialists and partners in remote branches
  • Distribute knowledge outside the office - group employees and assign them appropriate courses

There are many platforms, choose the most functional

For online schools and infobusinessmen

For online schools and infobusinessmen

  • Creating any number of courses in various topics and areas
  • Online registration of students for the course, the opportunity to create your own landing
  • Acceptance of payments from students for courses
  • Ability to establish differentiated access to courses with different sets of lessons, materials and costs
  • Involve third-party teachers and give them access to specific lessons
  • Ability to limit access to the course or copy the course to different groups of students
  • Issuance of an online certificate to students upon completion of the course

For companies

  • Automation of management tasks and simplification of work of heads of departments for training and development of employees
  • Ease of recruitment and training of new employees
  • Reducing the cost of training and staff development
  • Reduction of time for training specialists
  • Rapid retraining of staff and introduction of innovations
  • Reduce staff errors, increase sales and company profits
  • Different formats of lessons and types of tasks, automatic testing
For companies
For students

For students

  • Rapid increase in the level of their competencies
  • Save time, the opportunity to receive knowledge in a convenient format at a convenient time, anywhere
  • Opportunity to improve skills or learn a new specialty without leaving the main activity
  • Centralized training in a new company, gaining an understanding of how the company works
  • Obtaining new additional knowledge on specialization, advanced training
  • It is convenient to track the progress of learning. Constant notifications about new lessons, assessments, etc.
  • Feedback from the teacher or author of the course in the chat

Full-fledged CRM system for online learning of all kinds + mobile application


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By learning on the platform, your students receive

Reviewer's Avatar

Надія Коваленко


Ми раніше вже користувались сервісом для онлайн курсів. Все наче й влаштовувало, але потрібно було сайт створити, самим налаштувати реєстрації і прийняти оплати, а потім вручну робити кабінети учням на платформі з курсом. Вони могли й самі там реєструватись, але це незручно просити учня реєструватись ще десь. В LMSka дуже зручно, що все в одному місці. Учні реєструються, платять і тут же отримують доступ до курсу, не потрібно нічого робити вручну. Всі матеріали зразу їм доступні, а у нас є всі реєстрації.

Reviewer's Avatar

Serhei Petrenko


У нас специфическая тематика курса и далеко не дешево. Учеников не много, но они из разных стран. Поэтому искали платформу, которая позволит принимать платежи разными методами и в разных валютах, в том числе и в крипте. Lmska для этого подошла как нельзя лучше.

Reviewer's Avatar

Віктор Карпенко


Мені дуже подобається що все в одному місці і сайт можна зробити, і сам курс. Але конструктор сайтів це прям 🔥🔥🔥! Раніше сайт був окремо від платформи з курсом, на тільді, за яку я окремо платив. А в лмсці конструктор сайтів нічим не гірше і додатково платити за нього не треба. Купа блоків, вибирай любий, як хочеш налаштовуй, свої фони завантажуються є блок який взагалі можеш сам все зробить як реально конструктор. Дуже круто, рекомендую!

Reviewer's Avatar

Henadii Korchynskyi


У ЛМСка есть база учеников - когда все кто успешно прошел наш курс не просто получают диплом, а еще и попадают на общую доску кандидатов. И мы можем их рекомендовать как постоянных сотрудников или исполнителей на какие-то разовые проекты. Нам важно, чтоб у нас не просто были качественные курсы, а чтобы наши ученики могли применить полученные знания и найти себе работу или дополнительный заработок. Мы помогаем им найти работу как минимум на фрилансе и это сразу дает + к рейтингу наших курсов. Соответственно так мы можем больше учеников привлечь на курс т.к. они сразу понимают выгоду от покупки курса именно у нас.

Reviewer's Avatar

Олена Олексієнко


Мені подобається лмска, бо тут дуже зручно бачити результати роботи учнів. Є уроки і завдання - є картка учасників. Дивишся які уроки пройшов, дз здав/не здав, яку оцінку отримав. А є таблиця успішності по всім учням. Мені це важливо, бо коли я бачу, що один і той же урок займає багато часу у всіх, то розумію, що для наступної групи його краще спростити чи зробити взагалі 2 уроки. Або ж навпаки бачу де додати дз чи ще матеріалів, бо в коментарях пишуть що все елементарно просто.

Reviewer's Avatar

Mariia Nalyvaichenko


Довго користувались зручною платформою, але російською, бо не бачили альтернатив в Україні. Все було супер до 24 лютого. Шукали швидко куди з'їхати, бо бажання працювати там більше не було. Виявилось, що альтернативи в нашій країні є і доволі непогані, по функціоналу ні трохи не гірші. Дякую LMSka за швидкий переїзд і допомогу з налаштуванням.

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